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We are based in the heart of Namibia and are passionate about boats.
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Our passion for boats stems from our passion for fishing. Its is this passion that we translate into the design and manufacture of our boats. Each boat is handmade and can be customised to your specific needs, be it for leisure, business or military purposes.

Our mission is to manufacture quality aluminium boats specific to your needs. With a vide variety of hulls and features to choose from we are confident that deliver to your exact specifications. Each boat is finished and fitted with only the best quality materials.
Our vision is to expand to larger markets. Having already broken ground in areas such as tourism, fishing, military and policing in Namibia, we envisage expanding our client base to South Africa, Botswanna, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Angola.
We believe in quality workmanship and dedicated service. We are mindful of customers needs and our experienced team are able to advise prospective cliets in every aspect of boat building. We are here to help you!

Building a boat on the water.

Have a look at how we built one of our biggest boats yet!

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Our Boats

Check out some of our boat builds.

Our boats are designed, hand built and tested in our yard. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality workmanship and attention to detail.

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